Marion Robertson – Home design trends of 2016 

Decorating and designing your home in accordance with the latest trends of fashion is what every person wants for his/her home. 2015 was a year of outstanding and wonderful...

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Marion Robertson – Home design trends of 2016 

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Home Decor, Home Design Trends

Decorating and designing your home in accordance with the latest trends of fashion is what every person wants for his/her home. 2015 was a year of outstanding and wonderful design trends that will be hard to top, but there is always something you can do to make your a little more attractive even if it is the prettiest home ever.

Marion Robertson is a blogger and home interior designer and he has a few suggestions that just might be newest trends of 2016. If you are ready to redecorate your house, now is the time to listen to his advice and follow them.


Pastel colors were a trend and it is already in the past. 2015 was a year of neutral colors such as white or gray but this year as Marion says is the year of the black color. Black stainless steel in your kitchen is the latest trend of interior fashion. Ovens, fridges and refrigerators in black color combined with the inconspicuous color of your kitchen are the things that will be  agreat hit this year. The other kitchen trend this year will be combining incompatible things, different patterns and textures on your kitchen counters combined together will supposedly be the next big trend.


Heated floors are always a good idea, especially during the winter. The first room that comes to mind when you are talking about heated floors is surely bathroom, and really who does not like his bathroom floor warm when going out of your tub. This year brings the newest trends of heated floor just behind your front door. Just imagine a situation, you are entering your house as a shelter from snow and bad weather and stepping on a warm floor, feels like heaven, isn’t it?


Curvy is in every way the latest trend of 2016, everybody likes curves, right? Then why not curvy and irregular shaped mirrors? Rectangular and oval mirrors surely look beautiful in your bathroom but curvy mirrors will add style and modern look to your bathroom.

Bidets were in oblivion for very long time, now is the time for their comeback. Bathroom toilets with all those additional features that you can buy today also come bundled with bidets, great news for everyone who wants to redesign bathroom this year.

10 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2016

Since technology is slowly but surely taking over our lives, the latest trend of this year are rooms without any technology devices in it. This trend is getting a new name and it sounds like this tech-less living and bedrooms. Tech-less bedrooms and living rooms can be a great way to make your life a little more friendly and interesting.

Family time will have more quality since there won’t be anything to distract you from socializing and enjoying time with your loved ones. It seems like that is the thing we all need. Besides, there are many doctors that can confirm that being away from technology devices, at least an hour before sleeping can improve your health.

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Make your house be your personal oasis of peace 

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Home Decor, Interior Design


“There is no place like home”. This is probably the most used phrase in the world. I think that everybody would agree with me. Whether you like traveling or not, you probably feel the best at your house. That is the reason why it is the most important that the décor of your house is nice, warm and cozy. Whatever happens outdoor should be cured inside of your oasis of peace.

How to make your home look like paradise?

7aab065e5dbe223b45ae8e2bf2f9efb1Simply use what pleased your needs. If that is a nature, then use natural materials and make your living room look like a real gift from Mother Nature. For those kinds of people, there is nothing more beautiful than the voice of water in your apartment; for example, a nice handmade fountain. When it comes to them, you can really play with all kind of materials such as stone, like pebbles or minerals. Here in Marion Robertson, you can get all kind of hints about décor and design of your own space.

How to make it cozier and more beautiful to you? You can contact us by email or by our website and we will provide you all information that you are going to need for such a task. You will get the best consulting that you need to redecorate your space. Sometimes all you have to do is to change the color of your walls to get a totally different impression.

62fe0940c7042df8f17f5bbcacd9ef5bWhen it comes to garden, we can say that this is something that you really can play with. You can combine all kind of materials, colors, furniture and the light. Playing with a light, you can make your garden look like a very romantic place. On a daylight, it is very important to use sunlight. If you place your garden furniture on the right side, you can really take advantage of the sunlight. Do not put plants or threes where they will hide you from the Sun. That is why you should pay attention to the position of your furniture.

The same is with balconies. First of all, you should pay attention to what side of the world your balcony is looking. It is not the same if it is the South or North view. Do not paint your balcony in bright colors if there is already enough light. The rule for those ones that do not have enough light is totally opposite. In this case, avoid dark colors because your place for rest will look very obscure and depressive.

Decorating Tips

Those and many other advice you can get if you call us. With the professional help, it will be much easier to decorate your home. You will not just save time but money as well because you will avoid all mistakes that you could make when decorating your home. It is simply the experts eye can easier predict wrong steps in decorating your space. With our experience, you can really be sure that you are in the right hands.

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